About Me

Hi , My name is Ruslan.

I'm a full-stack developer for almost 10 years, with a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.js and Node.js. I'm passionate about technology, so in this blog, I'm going to share my knowledge and experience.

Also I have an immense interest in Web3, blockchains and cryptocurrency. There is tons of information to digest, so i'm learning every day.

This blog will help you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in all areas of the fullstack world. Filled with tips, tutorials, and industry insights, you can use this blog as a valuable resource that can help you keep your skills relevant and up-to-date.

I want to be honest. My writing skills are limited so i will try to be as much as informative as i can with clear step-by-step guides.

No another "How to create counter in react" blog post. I promise!

Let's list the most interesting topics that I'm going to write about...

React, hooks, state management, and UI

I love React! Developing with React since 2016. Nowadays I love React even more than before. I like how React team shifted to a functional paradigm, I like hooks and the echo system. React is even greater with additional libraries and frameworks from the community, such as

And many more...

Node.js, Microservices, and Express.js

I will focus mainly on the echo-system of Node.js, and powerful microservices architecture structural style. We will extend the abilities of Node.js. with Express.js as an unopinionated framework that fits perfectly to the microservices architecture.


GraphQL is perfect alternative to the Rest API. GraphQL provides us the ability to communicate from the client to the backend with just single endpoint. Schemas, Fragmennt anf Mutations, those are the keys to synchronise the client with GraphQL backend.

Docker and Kubernetes

Will write later on this topic

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