NX: Integration testing Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB Mongoose with Jest

How to test microservices with Jest, Apollo GraphQL and MongoDB Mongoose

graphqlmongodbintegration testingapollo

Load testing and the anatomy of DDoS attacks

How to test an API or an App for a flood of requests or DDoS attack. Detect systems overload, performance, and scalability.

load testingddosperformance

Learn how to update your dependencies, remove unused imports,files and unused deps to optimize your project for a better project structure and a better build time.


Simplest way to build Conway's Game of Life with Typescript, React, Hooks and Chakra-UI. Repository with the source code provided.


Step-by-step guide on how to run node.js microservices locally in NX with Docker and Kubernetes. NX is build system with first class monorepo support


An example of react app with useQueryParams as state management tool for filters in e-commerce app

reactstate-managementquery params

This article contains basic recommendations, tips, and topics to which will facilitate a technical interview for a front-end developer.


recoil-gear is devtools connector to redux devtools. Observe and debug recoil atoms and selectors in redux devtools


Create free mongodb cloud database with mongodb atlas and use it in your react application


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