My Projects

This is a list of my projects, open source contributions, and other tasks I have worked on.


A simple service that allows you to host your JSON data and consume in your app.

Just paste a JSON object in the textarea, submit and you will get an URL.


Test your code skills and improve your knowledge.

A website with code quizzes. For now there is a JavaScript Quiz only.

Working on other languages and frameworks too.

Game of life with React and Typescript

A classic automation game built with React, hooks, Chakra-UI and typescript.

A blog post about the game of life:

Building Game of Life with React, Hooks and Chakra-UI

Check the repository here:


A simple component that connects Redux devtools with Recoil

A blog post about recoil-gear:

recoil-gear: The missing devtools for recoil.js

Check the repository here:

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